Pacemian Imperial Pet Passes Away

At approximately 17:04 UTC, on the 27th of July, 2018, Trixie, a Imperial pet of Pacem and my own dog, has passed away at the approximate age of 11 years old. She was surrounded by myself, Imperial Sister M Tenebaum, Imperial Mother Jones, and fellow Imperial pet Pebble.

In the beginning of the December of 2017, the workplace of Imperial Mother Jones was having an adoption event. This allowed for the family to meet Trixie, a beagle, formerly breeding dog. She had been living in a shelter for several years after she wasn’t ‘useful’ to the breeders any longer. This was when it was decided she would come into the family.

For the next eight months, she was a grand part of the family. She was loved by all members, and likely had the best time of her life. She was able to have a warm home where she could eat good food and be spoiled. However, arthritis started to set in, and her heart started to weaken. Cannabis oil assisted for her last week, however, it was to no prevail. She died after intense care in my own arms, and is now being cremated to forever stay with the family.

This, while not a normal article for the Times, or very relevant, is a slight memorial to this outstanding dog, and may we be glad she can no longer be in pain. She truly will be tá ainm mór do na haoiseanna, a great name for the ages.


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