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Dissolution of Pacem

On the 29th of July, 2019, I officially announced the dissolution of the High Empire of Pacem.

Pacem started out as the Republic of Abies. I was young, just a child, and I found out about micronations. I was entranced. I immediately emailed Kevin Baugh of Molossia and asked him to help and thanked him greatly when he did. I went on to discover MicroWiki, and found friends through the forum.

For a few months I went inactive until I returned to claim a civil war and that now we were an empire. I finally introduced the world to Pacem, “peace” I named it. Ironically we took part in micronational wars, although I now deny the fact due to the embarrassment of it all. I formed the Kermadec Union with Violette Clingersmith, Thomas Merrell, Alejandro Valentino, Dylan Emborough, Max Pollack, and Xavier of Novapara, along others that are now long gone.

I went inactive again until I decided to stay around in 2017. At that point I made Pacem an autonomous kingdom under the Federal Empire of Aarbaro. It was mildly successful, but of course it had set backs that caused Pacem to go independent and for me to start over again.

This was in 2018, and this is where my dilemmas began. We had no citizens, it was just me and Stephen Freayth. For months we began to try and reactivate it. We made it tied to Abelden more, invited more people, forced some elections. It went on and on.

This year, and specifically the past few months, have been horrible. I have been toying with the idea, but Steve gave me hope, and so I persisted. But I recently came back from a vacation, and it cleared my mind. I knew what needed to happen.

Now I’m here, saying goodbye to what has been my identity for as long as I’ve been known in this community. It used to be people knew my name and knew it was because I was the Emperor of Pacem, but I can safely say it is now more tied to this newspaper, or the Konmalehth, or Abelden, and I’m glad for it.

I think that Pacem was tied to my past, and that dissolving it is truly my next step into maturing into a much wiser person. I can now escape the confines of what Pacem had become and start something much different, but much better.

I hope to continue serving the community in whatever I do, and I hope I have earned a place in your memory as someone who has done beneficial things for you in some way, whether it be in personal help or just writing you a good article to read.

My name is Nicholas Tenebaum, formerly Kaos, Emperor of Pacem, saying goodbye to you all as the last Pacemian.

By Nicholas Kaos

Developer, engineer, astronomer, gamer, and micronational politician, I write the facts of micronational politics and science to bring you the best.

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