Abelden Tusmore

Tusmore Referendum in Abelden Successful

On August 10th, a referendum to accept the Archduchy of Tusmore ended and resulted in an overwhelming support for the admittance of the state with a 90.1% support with an 80.95% turnout. The rest of the votes were 9.1% abstain.

Tusmore was a concept I created after the dissolution of Pacem, and it wasn’t originally going to be anything grand. But after consideration, it was decided that the idea would be most successful as a state of the Abeldane Empire.

The idea was taken to the government, and it received support from founder Stephen Freayth and Vorsitzender Edward Daniels. A bill was presented to the Reichsversammlung of Abelden to begin a referendum to accept Tusmore as a state. The bill was passed with 3 ayes and an abstain. The government held the referendum the following Thursday, August 8th.

As stated in a document stating the intent of the creation of the state, the main aims of making the state side of the empire much more developed. In the months of July and August, Alenshka passed the most motions for bills out of any state, with 6 compared to the 0 from other states (to be fair, this is due to various reasons). However, Tusmore plans to maintain constant activity, and will be implementing a system of “rewards” (I’m not paying them, no) for activity and consequences for activity without provided reason.

The state is also planned for holding the first Abeldane university, which use to be a big thing in the micronational community in 2016 and something that has since stuck with me. It would further allow for more institutions in Abelden to be opened for people who don’t want to necessarily be in government, and if it works out, would be a fun addition to the nation. Tusmore is also to be a new center for state-based economics, with the plan for new companies and workers’ pay to be implemented in the future.

A lot is planned, and if Emperor Newton signs off on the new state, it will be worked towards.

Abeldane Discord
Tusmorish Declaration and Statement of Intent
Referendum Results

By Nicholas Kaos

Developer, engineer, astronomer, gamer, and micronational politician, I write the facts of micronational politics and science to bring you the best.

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