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Anti-Cornish agenda? A look into recent claims of Appalachia

On August 11th, I received two screenshots of an embassy in the server for the Fourth Kingdom of Misberia. The messages in the screenshot were from a former Ambassador and citizen of the Kingdom of Appalachia, Sir Kenneth.

Sir Kenneth messaged the embassy proclaiming the that Appalachia had supported a coup in a presumably Cornish-centered nation, as seen in the below screenshot.

Sir Kenneth’s initial messages.

Sir Kenneth had claimed that Appalachia had supported the coup of the nation, and have also proposed bills to deny Cornish rights. He blames Parry (Whom we could not confirm the identity of) and King James II. He finishes off his block of messages by comparing Parry to a Nazi.

Further investigation within the Appalachian embassy shows that current Appalachian ambassador Raolin Chamberstar had comeback at Kenneth’s claims and continued to request that Kenneth be removed, despite the fact that King Archie of Misberia requested that the talk be taken out of the embassy.

Chamberstar coming back at Kenneth’s claims.

Chamberstar eventually finished voicing his complaints and the embassy returned to normal operations of Appalachian ambassadors relaying news to Misberia.

This all took place from this past Sunday to Tuesday, however Kenneth did get a final word in today.

“maybe then they will be willing to actually quit the sanctions and supporting of the bs fake fesmar raolin made”

-Kenneth in the Appalachian embassy in Misberia, August 15, 0755 EST

Do to the inconclusivity of these messages, further research was required. After reaching out for more information, I was able to be informed by Grand Vizier Bainbridge of Appalachia that Kenneth had been kicked out of Appalachia for severe indiscretions, and supposedly was just reacting out of being upset. In later talks with King James, it was confirmed that he was kicked out for behavioral issues and for getting into a conflict with a member of the Appalachian Parliament over land dispute in Cornwall.

In a short interview with King James himself, he was able to confirm that Appalachia did indeed support a coup in the Third Fesmarian Republic, which Kenneth claimed is the “only nation to properly voice Cornish concerns.” Fesmar, according to MicroWiki is mainly situated mainly in Cornwall and identifies itself very much with Cornwall’s Celtic past. Appalachia launched sanctions against the nation, however James denied any anti-Cornish bills being proposed.

So far, the last outburst of this issue was from a situation in the general channel of the Misberian server. Kenneth began to instigate an argument with above mentioned Raolin Chamberstar by pinging everyone, sending the following message, and then deleting the ping for everyone, as he has done several times today already.

I should know, I’m in the server, and I’ve gotten the pings.

Kenneth randomly saying something about Raolin, and Raolin responding asking to end his abilities to ping everyone

This caused King Archie of Misberia to respond by asking Kenneth and Raolin to take it away from the Misberian server. He claims he was pinging everyone because he “want[s] the world to know how much of a c*nt he is.” It finally ended with the two not messaging the server anymore, and King Archie apologizing for the behavior of the two.

So, what is my take on this? I believe that Appalachia so far has shown to not actually be having any issues with the Cornish people and that Kenneth has been instigating this entire time. Although the interview I had and the statements I got could look like the Appalachian higher-ups saving their own asses, it looks more suspicious that Kenneth is making these claims just after being kicked from the nation. More than likely, he’s using Fesmar’s background with Cornish culture and the issues on Cornish claims in Appalachia to extrapolate that Appalachia had this anti-Cornish agenda.

The reason for the sanction has been undetermined, however it seems that it was a petty micronational argument in the first place, which just shows the state of this situation. Kenneth was not available to make any statements.

Thank you to my informant, who brought me the original screenshot and helped start this story. If you have a story you want us to report on, message me on Discord, my username is bygodnick#2794.

Be sure to leave down in the comments below what you think is going on with the situation, and maybe include some things I may not know about.

By Nicholas Kaos

Developer, engineer, astronomer, gamer, and micronational politician, I write the facts of micronational politics and science to bring you the best.

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