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New Unity kicked from the Grand Coalition of Tusmore following Dickson resignation

Only 10 days ago, on May 12th, the Grand Coalition of Tusmore was formed between the Party of Royalists and Greens, the Republicans, and the New Unity Party. However, today, May 22nd, marks the end of the only grand coalition in recent Abeldane history, as Premier Connor Stumperth officially removed NUP.

This all began with an argument in the Dabeldanes between NUP Chair Robert Dickson and James Frisch, who had brought up a question concerning the power of the Tusmorish Premier being able to vote, with Dickson defending that the Premier should have the ability to vote regardless if they were a Senator or not. This argument eventually culminated into a point being brought up: this issue, if the Premier did have any power, could culminate in a lawsuit.

With the recent suits of Amerston Post & Messenger Holdings vs. Stumperth, a suit was something to be avoided at all costs, and so a decree was made to temporarily restrict any possible voting powers the Premier had while the Tusmorish government discussed if the Premier indeed had this powers to prevent any such lawsuit from occurring if there was indeed a case for one.

Following the consensus of the Cabinet determining that there was indeed no case to be made and that the Premier never had any voting power, the following statement was released.

There was a recent argument regarding if the Premier is able to vote. According to Title III, Chapter II of the Tusmorish Constitution, the Premier never had this power, rather that they could simply oversee the Senate. The Cabinet and the Senate are currently working on modifying the constitution and there will be changes to fix this issue in the future. Thank you.

-A statement from myself in capacity as the King, released in the Dabeldanes server.

Following this announcement was the resignation of Dickson from Tusmorish politics for the foreseeable future, with his announcement that he was vacating his seat in the Senate at around 20:00 EDT on May 21st. This statement was released through New Unity’s news site Smaointe!.

I am sorry to disappoint my constituents by resigning at this current time but I cannot continue while foreign powers medal with our nation and put pressure on our king to act rashly. I thank you all for the pleasure to represent you and wish luck to the next person to take my seat

-Statement regarding Dickson’s resignation

As a side-note, concerning the statement of “foreign powers [meddling] in our nation, there was confusion within government concerning what foreign powers as this was an issue internal to the Abeldane Empire, specifically being an argument between Abeldane citizens concerning government powers poorly established beforehand.

This afternoon, following Dickson’s resignation, was the official removal of New Unity from the coalition by Premier Connor Stumperth at 13:52 EDT, marking the end of the grand coalition. However, other than a vacant seat in the Senate, no other issues concerning positions in government appeared, as the Cabinet is currently composed of PRG and Republicans who make up the current coalition.

A by-election for Dickson’s seat is currently in the talks, however with the June elections for the empire coming so soon it is unknown whether the Ministry of State Affairs will wait for the election or call a by-election for a seat that would possibly be held for only a month.

By Nicholas Kaos

Developer, engineer, astronomer, gamer, and micronational politician, I write the facts of micronational politics and science to bring you the best.

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